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Woodham Petroleum Services: Locals supporting locals

Woodham Petroleum Services proudly supports a wide range of clubs and events across the North West of NSW.

We employ local people and engage the services of local contractors to work on our Truck fleet and our fuel storage infrastructure. We understand the importance of keeping our small North Western Communities of NSW viable into the future and thus our commitment to sponsorship and support of many local events, clubs and organisations.

We are the major sponsors for most of these events. 

Over the last couple of years as our business has grown into Queensland we have commenced supporting similar local and regionally based community events.

Examples of some of these are: 

  • The Boulia, Augathella, Yelvertoft Campdrafts 
  • Cloncurry and Augathella races
  • Paraway Colt Challenge 

Cloncurry & District Race Club

Woodham Petroleum Cup