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Woodham Petroleum Fuel Solutions

Woodham Petroleum Services: Locals supporting locals


Our Fuel Solutions are designed to provide complete refuelling requirements across multiple industries, including Heavy Transport, Agriculture, Earthmoving and Civil Construction, Local Councils and Oil and Gas.

Bulk Fuels

With a growing network of regionally based Fuel Depots and Staff including a fleet of delivery vehicles, Woodham Petroleum is well placed to support your fuel requirements. Our team members at the Depots or driving the trucks are all locals who have grown up within the community and are familiar with the local area and the requirements of our customers.

We know that you want reliability from your supplier and to assist we ensure the same driver services your business so they get to know you and we establish confidence that every delivery will be on time, done safely with no spills. Please give us a call to see how we can assist or complete our contact  form below. 

Our fleet of trucks have been supporting our customers across Northern NSW for forty years. We are now expanding our service across Qld with the same friendly, reliable and safe capability. As a family owned and operated business, we understand the needs of small and large businesses. We know that your fuel requirement is critical to the success of your business and we look forward to being of service to your business.

Retail Site Network

Woodham Petroleum with a growing east coast network of over 20 24/7 Retail sites, located across regional areas and all of the Capital Cities, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. 

With 40 years’ experience with our first site established in Walgett, NSW. We have grown the network to provide the heavy vehicle industry a convenient facility easy to access, quick to refuel, with the industry’s most competitive pricing.

Our network of sites has been developed within close proximity to major transport routes to ensure convenience to the lond haul transport industry. We welcome feedback from existing and new customers for future additions to our Network of sites.

Solutions built around supporting our Customers

  • Various Petroleum Products offered at each 24/7 retail site
  • Bulk Deliveries available at nominated Depots
  • Fuels Tanks with Fuel management Solutions to support our customers short and long term projects
  • Woodham Petroleum Local Cards and EFTPOS – Debit and Credit Cards accepted at nominated Unmanned sites 
  • Woodham Petroleum Fuel Tag accepted at nominated Sites
  • No job too big or too small
  • Flexible credit terms to meet our customers various business requirements
  • No account keeping fees
  • Locals supporting locals
  • Sponsorship of local clubs
  • FUCHS Lubricants available from nominated Depots

Tanks and Fuel Management Solutions

Woodham Petroleum can provide specific tanks and fuel Management Solutions to support your business. Whether you are looking to rent or purchase, we can assist you with the right solution. Our aim is to support your business, so your business has the most efficient solution to access fuel and to keep your business and your equipment moving.


Woodham Petroleum is an authorised Fuchs Lubricants Distributor and we can assist your business with a range of lubricants for Automotive, Agriculture, Civil and Construction and Marine applications.

Open an account today and commence accessing the Woodham Petroleum Network and our regional Fuel Depots.

Proud Suppliers of FUCHS

If there is a particular product your business requires, or you need to find an equivalent product, Woodham Petroleum has personnel available to support with many years of industry experience and knowledge.

Engineered in Germany with refining and packaging plants in Australia, Fuchs sets the benchmark for oil and lube technology, worldwide. 


Woodham Petroleum is a supplier of quality VDA approved AdBlue®

Emissions standards are becoming increasingly stringent, meaning AdBlue® is required for most new diesel engines, including light and heavy duty trucks, off-road machinery, and even new passenger vehicles.

AdBlue® is a high-purity 32.5% aqueous urea solution, which is directly injected into exhaust gas where it reduces nitrous oxide emissions.

Contact our sales team for more details.  

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